Mixing is the process in which the tracks are treated individually, and more importantly: put into context.

In order to mix, it is a prerequisite to know your tools well – especially the equalizer, the compressor and the primary wet effects.

Frequently asked questions are:

· In which order should you treat the tracks?
· How do you mix the kick drum and bass together?
· How do you make the vocal pop out naturally in the mix?
· Where in the stereo image should the different instruments be placed?
· How do you avoid an overloaded, flat or lifeless mix?

More technical questions include:

· How can you improve your mix even before beginning?
· How do you apply sum or bus compression in a mix?
· What are the pros and cons of using processing on the Stereo Out during mixing?
· What are the professional methods to prioritizing in a mix?
· Is it worth using an analog summing mixer?