Reverb and delay (echo) are the two primary so-called wet effects.

Wet effects imbue dry signals with a spatial dimension or are used to create a common space for different tracks.

Frequently asked questions are:

· When should wet effects be inserted directly on the track or on a bus/aux/return?
· What is the difference between damping and EQ in a reverb?
· How do you set the optimum pre-delay in a reverb?
· How do you set up a stereo delay without getting clutter?
· When and how are early reflections applied best?

More technical questions include:

· What is the difference between convolution and algorithmic reverb?
· When does it make sense to replace a reverb with a delay?
· How do you set up an automatic delay ducker?
· What is the correlation between room size, decay and diffusion?
· How do you dial in “invisible” reverb?